Melbourne shop owner bans blacks and dogs

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By Everton Gayle
Melbourne shop owner bans blacks and dogs

A Melbourne milk bar has come under fire after the owner displayed a sign in the window banning black youths and dogs.

The owner Lunjie Lin said he was driven to breaking point after an incident with a group of Sudanese children.

“[Shoplifting happens] a lot,” he said.

“Always black person, young boys after playing soccer.

“It’s happened about 20 times in two months and today when I tried to stop them they were asking to fight me,” Lin told The Herald Sun

“I was so angry so I went and made that sign and hung it up, a few hours later I thought about it and took it down.”

Lin said he was fed up and was hoping that criminals would leave his store along.

“Whenever I call the police there is nothing they can do.”

A Victoria Police spokesman said officers were aware of the sign, which they described as “inappropriate”.

The sign sparked a social media debate with some calling the sign racist while others offered sympathy and understanding.