Australian scientists amazed by rare dinosaur tracks

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By Euronews
Australian scientists amazed by rare dinosaur tracks

They are calling it Australia’s very own Jurassic Park.

Scientists have discovered an unprecedented set of more than 20 different dinosaur tracks on a remote stretch of coastline in Western Australia.

One of the footprints is the largest of its type ever found.

Dr. Steve Salisbury from the University of Queensland’s School of Biological Sciences told reporters: “We see a unique dinosaur fauna that includes things like stegosaurs and some of the biggest dinosaurs to have ever walked the planet and gigantic sauropods that left tracks up to 1.7 metres long.”

Experts say the footprints found in ancient rocks represent the most diverse range ever discovered

Dr. Salisbury said: “We were invited to this area by the Goolarabooloo traditional custodians (local aborigine elders), who were aware of the tracks there but needed their scientific significance properly showcased and documented.”

The discovery was almost lost back in 2008 when the area was chosen for a liquefied natural gas processing site.

That came to a halt when scientists started to make their dinosaur discoveries.

The area has since been declared a National Heritage site.