Interns strike across major cities, asking for payment

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By Euronews
Interns strike across major cities, asking for payment

Organisations including the Global Intern Coalition led a protest in New York, Brussels and across the world, as part of their campaign to ensure interns are paid.

The “Global Intern Strike” targeted “governments, international organisations, employers and trade unions” to address “unpaid and poor quality internships”.

The Global Intern Coalition say unpaid internships “deny opportunity, waste talent and distort labour markets”. Bryn Watkins, of Brussels Interns NGO, says “It is illegal to offer graduates unpaid work in Belgium, but hundreds of young workers are still exploited every year”.

The campaign has gained the support of some MEPs, including the Austrian Green party MEP, Ulrike Lunacek and Terry Reintke, a German MEP who also belongs to the Green coalition in Brussels.

Most support came from two main protests, outside European Union buildings and the UN in New York. But there were smaller protests around the world, with some posting their opposition to unpaid work placements in Chile.