Syria dominates at the G20 as next round of Geneva talks loom

Syria dominates at the G20 as next round of Geneva talks loom
By Christopher Cummins  with Agencies

Syria on the menu as G20 foreign ministers meet

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said he is ready to work with Moscow in order to find a solution to the bloodshed in Syria.

Tillerson met with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov at the G20 foreign ministers meeting in Bonn.

The new secretary of state also wants to find common ground to develop a new counter-terrorist alliance with Russia.

The next Syrian talks are scheduled for February 23 in Geneva.

Newly appointed German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said the meeting will help the upcoming Syria talks:

“This has been good background on Syria, on how we can resume the talks. That was the aim of today, the road ahead is still long, we all know that, especially those new to the talks, our new American colleague was engaged in the debate, so it bodes well for Geneva.”

The focus has now shifted to Bavaria for the Munich Security Conference, where US Vice-President Mike Pence is making his foreign policy debut, the world will be looking for some clear direction from the US as insecurity not security is the current buzzword.

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