Republicans rejoice over Trump victory

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By Euronews
Republicans rejoice over Trump victory

While many among Clinton’s supporters have been shocked by the result of the election, Trump fans say they were confident all along and are delighted with the outcome.

Asked how he was feeling, one supporter said: “Feeling great man – victory, victory, we were waiting for this, it was a long time coming and hopefully he is going to change government, (we will) get away from this corrupt government we have been dealing with.”

“If you looked at every election throughout Europe, Brexit, anyone who did not understand that… The media here clearly had no idea what they were talking about, but anyone who has seen the elections in Europe and the rest of the world knew that the status quo was not for the population,” said another supporter. “And Hillary Clinton just was not the right candidate on the other side, she was a terrible candidate.”

“Did you see it coming?,” Euronews’ Stefan Grobe asked another supporter. “Yes, we have been in the call center, Trump Tower, for the past year and made thousands of telephone calls and the nation wanted a change.”

“He is quintessentially American, entrepreneurial, outside the box,” enthused another. “He does what people think can’t be done, that’s what America does better than any place ever in the world history.”

“It’s about time,” said another. “Eight years of the United States being looked at as a laughing stock, the Philippine president cursing Obama, you have China taking over our business, all the coal industry being destroyed… ‘Making America great again’ says it all.”