Castle Dracula opens its doors for Halloween

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By Euronews
Castle Dracula opens its doors for Halloween

If you’re looking to terrify yourself to death this Halloween, then Bran castle in Transylvania is probably the perfect choice.

The popular tourist attraction nestled in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains in Romania is said to be the home of Dracula.

It is opening its doors to two brave souls silly enough to spend the night in the bloodthirsty lair.

Gina Ricciardi, a visitor from Boca Raton, Florida said:
“We came here because we love Halloween so what drew us to Romania was Transylvania, we wanted to see Dracula’s castle and just experience the whole Dracula, even though they’re saying there’s not much that connects Dracula to the castle but that’s what drew us here.

The night is part of a promotion by home-sharing website, Airbnb. As part of the competition, applicants are being asked to use their ‘‘vampiric wit’‘ to imagine what they would say to Count Dracula if they met him.

Described as a once in a lifetime opportunity, after a candlelight feast and chilling tales of vampires the guests will be given the chance to sleep in velvet-trimmed coffins, just like the Prince of Darkness’ himself.

Just one warning – garlic, silver jewellery and holy symbols are definitely banned.