Soviet-era Zaporozhets have a loyal fanbase in Lithuania

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By Euronews
Soviet-era Zaporozhets have a loyal fanbase in Lithuania

Andrius Cikotas from Lithuania collects Soviet-era Zaporozhets people’s cars.

He recently found out that you can still get a speeding ticket in a ZAZ.

He invited TV cameras to his home to show off his thirty Zaporozhets. His first one was a gift from his uncle and his collection has just kept growing.

The people’s car of the Soviet Union is kind of like the Volkswagen Beetle in the West. They were built until 1994.

There are around 400 Zaporozhets lovers in Lithuania that belong to the ZAZ club, but Andrius thinks that far less of them still have a streetworthy ZAZ.

“Cars accumulated and accumulated as people gave me their own cars or I bought them cheaply myself and so my backyard became full of Zaporozhets,” said Cikotas.

“I stayed the most loyal, because others started to study, work or something else, but my hobby became even an illness I could say,” Cikotas added.