Clinton confused, Trump takes it in his stride as protesters interrupt US rallies

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By Euronews  with Reuters, Wall Street Journal, NBC
Clinton confused, Trump takes it in his stride as protesters interrupt US rallies

Hillary Clinton was left looking somewhat confused when animal rights activists interrupted a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Democratic party’s presidential candidate was quickly surrounded by US secret service agents, who urged her to keep talking. She did just that and managed to turn a protest against her into a statement about her rival contender, Donald Trump.

“Okay, here we are,” she said, to cheers from her supporters. “Okay, we’ll keep talking and apparently these people are here to protest Trump, because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals, so thank you for making that point.”

No stranger to protesters, Trump appeared to take it all in his stride when a group stormed his event in Portland, Maine.

Some brandished copies of the constitution, while others chanted accusations of racism at the Republican nominee. They were swiftly removed amid boos from Trump’s supporters.

“Sort of rude, you know, when you think of it. We have people interrupting constantly. But actually, it hasn’t been happening much. It’s happening a little bit today, but it hasn’t been happening much. I sort of miss my protesters,” Trump told the crowd.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll suggests the real estate mogul is now nine points behind Clinton following the conventions.

Although actor and director Clint Eastwood said he would support Trump as a vote against Clinton, backing within his party has waned in recent weeks.