'He was a really quiet boy' neighbours describe suspected Munich murderer

'He was a really quiet boy' neighbours describe suspected Munich murderer
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Neighbours of the 18-year-old suspected of killing nine people in a mass shooting in Munich have described the teenager as a quiet loner.

Neighbour 1

“I never saw him, he was distant, well you know he did not draw any attention to himself. I heard he was delivering newspapers. A totally inconspicuous guy and I am surprised that this has happened in our neighbourhood.”

Neighbour 2

“When I saw him he was always by himself. I can’t tell if he had friends or not because I never see him with friends. I don’t know. Or with girls. I mean he’s really 18 and I never see him with girls. Maybe, I think, this one he never goes with girls, he was always alone.”

Neighbour 3

“We always said ‘Hello’ to each other but never more. But yesterday I got a Red Bull from the cafe and smoked a cigarette. I saw him with his father. He didn’t even look at me, didn’t say hello. He just went away. I thought to myself what’s wrong with this guy?”
“He was a really quiet boy. The small boy always used to play football with us at the Massmann Park but the big one – he wasn’t interested in sports.”

Neighbour 4

“I never took note of the boy. I have never actually met the 18 year-old boy we are speaking about., but I have often seen his dad because our three houses are linked on the basement level. And the father is a very normal guy, correct, always said hello, had a good relationship with my dad as they are both taxi drivers and now and then talked about their job.”

Neighbour 5

“I didn`t know the boy, only his father. I have never seen him. But he has a younger brother who is friendly with my brother and they played football together.”

Neighbour 6

“I didn`t sleep at all because my boyfriend had to go to work. I asked him last night not to but he went anyway because his boss asked him to. I am crying non-stop. My sister`s friend was also among the injured people so we are all shocked. No one is sleeping.”

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