"I played dead to survive"

"I played dead to survive"
By Catherine Hardy with APTV
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A survivor of Sunday's nightclub attack in Orlando has given a vivid account of the moment the gunman opened fire on the crowd.

  • Initially thought the sound of gunshot was music
  • Hid with a friend in the toilets
  • “Played dead to survive”

A survivor from Sunday’s nightclub attack in Orlando has given a vivid account of the moment the gunman started shooting in the crowd.

The unidentified survivor spoke to those gathered for a vigil at the Joy Metropolitan Community Church in the Florida city on Sunday night.

In his own words

“You know, it is hard for me to talk. I am still shaken. I have been dealing with the situation last night, three hours in the bathroom (toilets) with this guy.”

“Every time I heard a shot I was hoping he was not taking away a friend of mine because I know everybody, everyone knows who I am and I wanted to see everyone have a great time.”

“It’s a place for joy, mingling, telling stories, you know, sharing stories, respecting each other, having a great time. But someone came in, disturbed it and I was very surprised.”

“I played dead to survive”

“I thought it was a joke, I thought it was fireworks, people thought it was the music, with the popping sounds. But it became serious. And I had to play dead to survive in there, yes, I had to.”

“And my friend was with me in the stall (cubicle), just as well she followed my lead and I am glad I was able to guide her playing the role (pretending to be dead) so the gunner did not burst through the bathroom stall (toilet cubicle).”

“This won’t stop us from continuing to enjoy life”

“My sincere sympathy to all the families that have lost their loved ones as well, as they were my friends. And this won’t stop us from continuing to enjoy life, loving each other, respecting each other, despite whatever hatred is out there in this world.”

Gay Americans are shaken, unbowed by nightclub attack: https://t.co/yTgKgZI3S7pic.twitter.com/G4JGrIbMev

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) June 13, 2016

“I just don’t know what to say but I am feeling really shaken and sad to be there and witnessing and hearing what went on in this club.”

“Thank God for the police”

“Thank God for the great efforts of the police enforcement, they did a great job at the end. They got us out safely and that is all that matters.”

At some point the suspect came out with two handguns and shot at officers, they returned fire and killed the suspect pic.twitter.com/5A7MxoehKa

— Orlando Police (@OrlandoPolice) June 13, 2016

“God was not ready to take me at that moment because I know there is an angel for all my kids. They are all my kids, no matter what age they are. Because I am not a teenager, I am an adult and I love every one of them, see them have a great time.”

“Thank you all for coming and supporting, for all your prayers.”

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