Creative or crazy?: Brexit campaign videos

Creative or crazy?: Brexit campaign videos
By Euronews
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Much has been said about the UK-EU referendum recently.


Much has been said about the UK-EU referendum recently. Too much, you might say.

Getting tired of hearing the same old lines being churned out daily by talking heads and vox-popped passers by?

Luckily there’s the internet and the possibility for anyone to make videos about anything, even Brexit.

Here’s a happy few for you to watch before either the European Commission bans fun or a sovereign ex-EU United Kingdom runs out of internet:

Britain’s Coming Home (Brexit Song)

Mandy Boylett

“They’ve taken all our fish and money through the years.”

It’s a re-make of the England football song, although the singing ladies wear Union Flag rather than St. George Cross dresses because those bullies in Brussels have been stealing Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish fish too. ---

We Want Our Country Back

Redrock Music

This video may not have the stunningly primal visual effects of Mandy Boylett’s work, but what it does have is West Country rock’n‘roll, like an unwanted love-child of Billy Ray Cyrus and one of the Wurzels.

“We fought for Freedom in Two World Wars/Buit that’s all been forgotten”

What has the ECHR ever done for us?

The Guardian

“OK, OK. But apart from the right to a fair trial, the right to privacy, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom from discrimination, freedom from slavery…” Like the Monty Python Life of Brian scene but with Brussels bureaucrats instead of Romans. And Patrick Stewart instead of John Cleese. Yes, the ECHR isn’t strictly a Brexit issue, but it’s part of the debate in general.

It must be said that the famous Life of Brian sketch has been parodied in this context before, for example by Youtube user whathaseuropedone in 2007. ---

The Gloomy aftermath of BREXIT


“If you can’t beat zem, eat zem.”“If you can’t beat zem, eat zem” is the slightly surprising conclusion to this video on the potential consequences of a Brexit. You’ll have to watch it to find out why, but even then it’s not so clear.

The Brexit Case


This one takes no stance on ‘In’ or ‘Out’, it just makes politicians’ soundbites on Brexit sound funny by putting them to music. Simple but good for a cheap chuckle. ---


Lisa Lazuli Astrology


‘Political astrologist’ Lisa Lazuli claims she correctly predicted the results of the 2015 General Election. Buoyed by this success she now tells her fans she can call the result of the referendum based on “transits and solar arc progressions”. Don’t want to wait for June 24? Check out what she says…

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