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Mortifying and hysterical 'Toni Erdmann' wins critics prize at Cannes

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By Euronews with Euronews Fred Ponsard
Mortifying and hysterical 'Toni Erdmann' wins critics prize at Cannes
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The winner of the International Critics Prize at the Cannes Film Festival is ‘Toni Erdmann’ by the German director Maren Ade.
The film, a frontrunner for the big Palme d’Or prize, is a cringingly hysterical movie.

The shift of her work from detailed human observation into comedy adds another dimension to her filmmaking.
Alin Tasciyan is the FIPRESCI president:
“Maren Ade has been a fresh choice for us in fact although she is an established director, a very good director. She has somehow achieved a new level in her filmography.”
Euronews reporter Fred Ponsard is in Cannes:
“The FIPRESCI prize is generally a reliable indicator for the big prize ‘Toni Erdmann’ by the German Maren Ade is now the favourite, but not the only one. Let’s take a tour round the media centre and see what other films have made a buzz.”
Esin Kucuktepe Piner is from the Cumhuriyet Gazetesi, in Turkey:
“There are many movies that adopt a social realism approach, so I like the Romanian wave ‘Graduation’ is my favourite.”
Lotfi ben Khalifa is in town from Le Quotidien in Tunisia:
“I liked the Ken Loach film and especially the German film. I think ‘Toni Erdmann will win.”
Meir Schnitzer writes for Maariv in Israel:
“My personal favourite is the movie by Cristian Mungiu, ‘The Graduation.’‘’
Defne Gursoy represents the Birgun in Turkey: “For me the Palme d’or
goes to Sierranevada by Cristi Puiu.”
Pamela Bienzobas is from Fipresci in Chile:
“Well for the final at the festival, for me, my favourite is ‘Toni Erdmann.”
The Palme d’Or is not yet in the Maren Ade hand luggage, but never mind this movie is unpredictable, mortifying and hysterical.