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Jeff Koons and his Play-Doh pile 'Now' in London

Jeff Koons and his Play-Doh pile 'Now' in London
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Newport Street Gallery in London presents ‘Now’ a solo exhibition of work by American artist Jeff Koons spanning 35 years.

Hugh Allen, Senior Curator, Newport Street Gallery: “He is very interested in the idea of that art relates to the human. We inhale – which he sees as a metaphor for life – and exhale as a metaphor for death and that’s kind of the route of where all this work has come from really.”
Other large scale works include this huge ‘Bowl with Eggs (Pink)’ and ‘Play-Doh’, a mountainous reproduction of a small lump of modeling clay once fashioned by Koons’ young son.
The exhibition Jeff Koons: ‘Now’,runs from 18 May 2016 to 16 Oct 2016 and contains sexually explicit material.