Historic floods in Houston displace hundreds

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By Natalie Huet
Historic floods in Houston displace hundreds

Major flooding in Houston, Texas has turned streets into lakes, and locals are bracing for yet more rain on Thursday (April 20).

This could bring floodwaters to their highest level in 500 years in some areas.

So far more than a thousand homes have been damaged, and at least eight people have died, mostly drivers trapped in their vehicles.

Torrential downpours this week have dumped as much as 45 centimetres of rain in some areas, cutting out power for scores of homes and businesses.

Rescuers are evacuating hundreds of residents, shuttling them by boat and over to dry ground. Emergency shelters have been set up to accommodate them.

Officials are forecasting more rain and thunderstorms on Thursday, and warning of more floods from central Texas and into large parts of Louisiana and southern Oklahoma.

Some experts blame the city’s quick expansion and urban planning that did not factor in enough flood protection.