Htin Kyaw wins presidental vote in Myanmar

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By Euronews
Htin Kyaw wins presidental vote in Myanmar

Myanmar’s parliament has elected Htin Kyaw as the country’s new president.

Kyaw is a close friend of the Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the governing National League for Democracy party (NLD). But she is barred from becoming president because her children are not citizens of Myanmar.

Suu Kyi had indicated she would run the country through a proxy president.

“This is the compassion and love of the people,” Htin Kyaw told reporters. “This is a victory for the people of this country. This is also the victory of Aung San Suu Kyi.”

The NLD’s majority in parliament ensured a comfortable win for the party’s nomination for president.

Hyaw commands considerable respect in Myanmar: His father was a legendary writer and early member of the NLD.

He will take office office on April 1.

The two other candidates who were also running in Tuesday’s election will now become the country’s joint vice presidents, one of whom remains on Washington’s sanctions list.