Zambia has it all

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By Euronews
Zambia has it all

Euronews spoke at Berlin’s ITB to Jean Kapata, Tourism Minister of Zambia, and to Felix Chaila, Managing Director at the Zambia Tourism Agency about one of the strongest upcoming destinations in African tourism, which only recently created a common visa regime with neighboring countries to make travel in the region easier.

Jean Kapata:
Last year we had close to a million people coming into the country. But with the introduction of a visa, which is the KaZa visa, where tourists coming to the country using one visa are able to visit two countries – for now it is between Zambia and Zimbabwe – and after that Namibia, Botswana, and Angola will be joining. So with this visa there has been an improvement in the flow of tourists coming to the country.

Felix Chaila:
You get a combination of seeing the Victoria Falls, a wonder of the world, you see culture, you see wildlife, you meet friendly people, you see heritage in a peaceful and democratic country and you cannot get it better than that. And connectivity is improving all the time, so Europeans are choosing to come more and more as it is one of the new discoveries as tourist destinations.