Turkey threatens to unleash refugees on Europe

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By Euronews
Turkey threatens to unleash refugees on Europe

As Syrians continue to pour out of the battered city of Aleppo aid agencies are delivering much needed supplies to those fleeing the carnage.

Tens of thousands have congregated on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey in the hope they can enter the country.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants more from the international community to help Turkey deal with the more than 2 million migrants in the country.

“In Erdine near the Turkish border with Greece and Bulgaria we stop migrants put them on a bus and take back into Turkey. How often can we do this, we could just open the doors and say “have a good journey.”

Turkey’s Oncupinar border crossing with Syria remains closed forcing those escaping Aleppo to seek sanctuary in the Atama Camp close to the border.

One displaced person blames Assad and Russia:“Because of the fierce campaign carried out by the regime and the intensity of the Russian jets in the villages of the western suburbs of Aleppo, the result is the huge displacement of people.”

The Atama Camp is already bursting and temporary home to 70,000 people escaping the conflict from all over Syria.

The addition of thousands more arriving from Aleppo only adds to the desperation.