Cameron wins Polish and Danish backing on EU renegotiation

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By Euronews
Cameron wins Polish and Danish backing on EU renegotiation

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been in Poland and Denmark as he seeks backing for his EU renegotiation plans.

In Poland Cameron’s proposed welfare curbs to reduce in-work benefits for EU citizens has caused a deal of anxiety in Warsaw.

One million Poles are currently working in Britain.

However, leader of the ruling Law and Justice party Jaroslav Kaczynski appeared reassured by what Cameron had to say: “Poland and Poles have gained a lot, a full safety net, for all those who are in Britain right now, but also those who have children in Poland will continue to receive benefits, they may be adjusted, but they will get them anyway.”

The British prime minister was on much safer ground in Copenhagen where he met with his Danish counterpart Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

Denmark is traditionally Eurosceptic and accepted all of Cameron’s ideas to rewrite the terms governing the UK’s EU membership.

Speaking in London the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, said Europhiles in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg are growing tired of British boat-rocking and if it wants leave the EU then it should do so.