Iran: Low-key reaction on Tehran streets to the lifting of sanctions

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By Euronews
Iran: Low-key reaction on Tehran streets to the lifting of sanctions

In a country now poised to emerge from years of economic isolation, the reaction in Iran to the lifting of sanctions has been somewhat subdued.

Parts of the press are enthusiastic but there have been no mass celebrations on the streets.

Iran’s main objectives have been achieved, for Tehran resident Mehran, who didn’t give his last name.

“Iran wanted a nuclear programme and it was realised. Iran wanted sanctions lifted and that happened too,” he said.

But for others the result has been disappointing.

“If America restores the sanctions, can Iran restore its nuclear programme? No it can’t! They have dismantled all the centrifuges. How many years will it take Iran to restore its programme?” asked fellow Tehran dweller Hossein Barati.

Much attention in the United States has focussed on the release of Americans detained in Iran, as part of a prisoner swap.

As for the deal itself and welcoming Iran back into the international community, views on the streets of New York were mixed.

“I think it is a good thing as long as they are following what the United Nations and we are asking them to do. I think it is a good thing,” said Atlanta resident Rodrick Williamson.

“Trusting Iran is a fool’s deal. Obama thinks this is going to be his legacy but I think it is going to be a legacy in a negative way. To sit there and make a deal with Iran, especially from weakness when we should be projecting strength, it is just a total disaster,” lamented New York City resident Chris Schmidt.

Republicans’ opposition to the deal failed to kill it off in Congress.

The party’s presidential hopefuls have praised the release of the US prisoners but say the Obama administration conceded too much to win their freedom.