Lottery rollovers: a win in the UK but more suspense for the US

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By Euronews  with Reuters
Lottery rollovers: a win in the UK but more suspense for the US
  • 900 million USD draw this week
  • Ticket sales through the roof
  • UK jackpot won on Saturday

The news

Lottery officials in the US say no one has won Saturday’s record 900 million dollar jackpot.

Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington and two US territories.

The prize has climbed steadily for weeks after repeated draws produced no big winners.

Millions of Americans have bought tickets for the draw.

Sales almost tripled in some states.

California, for example, normally has Powerball sales of $1 million per day.

However, on Saturday, sales were $2.8 million an hour according to California Lottery spokesman Mike Bond.

The prize fund rolls over to Wednesday when it will reach 1.3 billion dollars (1.19 billion euros)

What they are saying

Many have already spent the money before they have even won it.

“A nice vacation. Open up another business. That kind of thing. And charity, let’s not forget that.” – a man queuing in California.

“Well, I have seven kids, so college is number one. Then put a lot of it away, give some to charity.” – a woman queuing in California.

The UK

In contrast to the US, Britain’s biggest-ever lottery jackpot was won on Saturday night.

Organisers Camelot say two ticket holders shared the 66 million pound (88 milion euro) prize.

The draw, comes after 14 consecutive rollovers.

The previous biggest British national lottery jackpot win was 22.6 million pounds more than 20 years ago.

Did you know?

  • The UK launched its national lottery in 1994
  • Charities are also winners – 34 million pounds is raised via ticket sales each week
  • Winnings are tax-free
  • The previous biggest jackpot win was 22.6 million UK pounds more than 20 years ago
  • A Scottish couple collected 161 million pounds in the pan-European “Euromillions” draw in 2011.