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South Korea resumes propaganda broadcasts into the North

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By Euronews  with Reuters, Yonhap
South Korea resumes propaganda broadcasts into the North
  • Seoul resumes propaganda broadcasts
  • Music, news, weather, criticism transmitted 20km into the North
  • Pyongyang deploys troops near border
  • International community calls for restraint

The news

South Korea has resumed propaganda broadcasts via loudspeaker over the border into North Korea.

It is in response to Pyongyang’s claim to have detonated a hydrogen bomb.

Seoul agreed to stop transmitting over the border last year, as part of a deal to resolve escalating tension on the border.

But the broadcasts restarted at noon local time on Friday (0200 CET). Cho Tae-yong from the South Korean government said the North’s test claim was a “grave violation” of the deal.

The 11 loudspeakers transmit Korean pop music, news and criticisms of Pyongyang.

The context

North Korea claimed on Wednesday to have carried out an underground test detonation of an H-bomb.

A seismic shock was registered internationally and experts think some kind of nuclear explosion did take place.

But the opinion is that it was not big enough to come from a thermonuclear detonation, as Pyongyang claims.

What is Pyongyang’s response?

Observers expect North Korean officials to be angered by the decision.

The strategy has previously irritated Pyongyang, which has threatened to use force to stop it.

Troops have reportedly been deployed into the border region.

What are they saying?

The UK has urged Seoul to show restraint, describing resuming the broadcasts as “rising to the bait.”

Reports of the nuclear test on Wednesday angered both the US and China.

In New York, the UN Security Council has threatened fresh punitive measures against North Korea in response to Wednesday’s test.