Deadly tornadoes in Texas

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By Natalie Huet  with Reuters, APTN
Deadly tornadoes in Texas

Smashing cars, ripping down power lines and turning houses inside out, tornadoes in Texas killed at least eleven people on Saturday night (December 26) when they struck several cities around Dallas.

It was just a normal freight train-type sound... Next thing you know, I got a skylight in my kitchen.

Weather services say unseasonably warm Christmas weather may have helped the storms. Some 30,000 people were left without power, and some very shocked.

“I never thought that I would live through something like this. It’s like a nightmare,” said a sobbing resident of Rowlett, in the north of Texas.

Local Jim Shelton says things went very fast.

“It was just a normal freight train-type sound,” he said. “We all went in to our safe areas and hunkered down for a little bit and 15 seconds later, it was over with. It was gone. Next thing you know, I got a skylight in my kitchen.”

The tornado passed over a busy motorway in the city of Garland, blowing cars off the road and killing at least four people.

Over the week, at least 26 people have died from tornadoes that also hit the southeastern states of Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama.

More stormy weather was expected this weekend, which could disrupt post-holiday travel plans.