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SU-24 data recorders "unreadable"

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By Euronews  with Reuters
SU-24 data recorders "unreadable"
  • SU-24 black box “too damaged” to be of use
  • Impossible to restore or read
  • Jet downed by Turkey over Syrian border
  • Pilot killed, navigator survived

Russian investigators say the black box from a military jet shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border last month is too damaged to be of any use.

Experts say restoring and reading data from the SU-24 jet’s flight recorders will not be possible.

The commission investigating the circumstances leading to the crash says it will seek help from specialised scientific institutions in Russia, adding that this may take a long time.

Why did the jet crash?

The jet was shot down by F-16 fighters on November 24th.

The downing of the plane has plunged relations between Russia and Turkey into a deep crisis.

Ankara claims the aircraft was in Turkish airspace.

Russia insists it was in Syrian airspace. Moscow has demanded an apology from Ankara and has imposed a range of potentially costly sanctions.