Iran slams Turkey's role in anti-ISIL alliance as hypocrisy

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By Robert Hackwill
Iran slams Turkey's role in anti-ISIL alliance as hypocrisy

The Saudi’s diplomatic recipe for an Islamic response to ISIL has been welcomed by some and condemned by some.

The US says the 34-nation military coalition is in line with Washington’s demands for the Sunnis as a whole to take a greater role in figting ISIL.

Turkey is standing four-square with the Saudis on this, and says it wants to be a part of all anti-terrorism efforts.

“Islamic countries joining together to voice a stance against terrorism is the best response to those who are trying to associate terror and Islam. In this context, Turkey is prepared to make every contribution possible to any meeting related to the fight against terrorism regardless of where it is organised or by whom it is organised. We believe that this effort by Muslim countries is a step in the right direction,” said Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

However in Iran Turkey’s role has been mocked; a hypocrisy from a great supporter of terrorism is one view.

“Iran feels that those who are leading this alliance do not have a good background in fighting terrorism, and are in fact the main culprits in supporting the terrorist movements,” said Iranian analyst Hossein Royvaran.

The Saudis have been quick to announce any option is open for the Islamic Alliance as it is being called, including ground troops in Syria, and that all members are protected by mutual defence obligations.