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Syria: going underground

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By Euronews  with Reuters, CZCT via EBU
Syria: going underground

Explosions and gunfire continue to echo around Kufra in Syria.

Videos, posted on social media, claim to show members of the Free Syrian Army clashing with fighters from ISIL in the town near Aleppo.


Three years ago, Jobar was a vibrant suburb of Damascus.

Today, abandoned and derelict, it resembles a ghost town.

Elite soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are guarding the gateway to the Syrian regime.

They shelter in the shell of a former sports hall where basketball and handball were once played.

Now missiles are the only things that are thrown.

Going underground

In some places, the battle has also gone underground.

Fighters on both sides have begun to dig tunnels to get behind enemy lines.

This one is 800 metres long and 15 metres deep.

Life and death in Damascus

Back on the surface, not far away, we are in another world. Children play happily in a park.

The line between life and death in Syria can be remarkably thin. Here in Damascus, it can be as little as a few metres.