More migrants die at sea trying to reach Europe

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By Euronews
More migrants die at sea trying to reach Europe

Turkish coastguards have recovered the bodies of 12 refugees in their coastal waters after the group took to a wooden boat to try and make it to the nearby Greek island of Lesbos from the holiday resort of Ayvalik. Another 25 people were rescued.

In a separate incident four children and a woman died when their rubber craft capsized off the Greek island of Kalymnos, although Greek coastguards were able to save 13 other people. Three people including one child remain missing.

On dry land a tip-off led Turkish border guards to a three-truck convoy heading for the coast with 350 mostly Syrian refugees, many of them women and children, on board. They said they had paid 2000 euros each to make the journey. Two of the drivers were detained, while the third one escaped.

In another incident 92 refugees were recovered by Turkish gendarmes from a bus during a security check.