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Tense times in Jerusalem

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By Euronews
Tense times in Jerusalem

As Israeli checkpoints go up in Arab East Jerusalem everyday movement for Palestinians is becoming more and more restricted.


Human Rights Watch says
“The checkpoints are a recipe for harassment and abuse.”

Since October seven Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded, while 30 Palestinians have died with hundreds injured in escalating violence.

One Palestinian resident in East Jerusalem said the extra security will not help the situation:

“Nothing helps even if they bring in more soldiers and security or if they put up more checkpoints or even if they impose closure. The only thing that will help is to end the occupation in East Jerusalem and give something to the Palestinian Authority.”

The Jewish community feels under threat from indiscriminate attacks from knife wielding Palestinians: “It’s scary to walk around in the street at night. I get out of work late and the streets are empty, and it’s really scary to walk around when there are no people. You have no idea where a terrorist can come from, in the middle of the Jaffa road, run you over, stab or do something to you. It’s not easy, but we will cope,” said an Israeli woman living in the city.

Amid all the tension tourists continue to flock to Jerusalem: “I don’t think that the threat is really against tourists. I think it’s very clear that it’s that kind of a Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I mean, there is a huge police presence and that definitely makes you feel safer,” said Catelyn Sugar, an American tourist from Seattle.