Greece elections: I'm sure that Syriza will come first, Tsipras

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By Joanna Gill  with EFI KOTSOUKOSTA
Greece elections: I'm sure that Syriza will come first, Tsipras

Alexis Tsipras may appear confident ahead of next week’s snap elections in Greece, but the latest polls may give him reason to worry.

Reaching the absolute majority is absolutely feasible

The conservative New Democracy party has chipped away at the leftist Syriza’s wide lead, and now pundits are saying the result is too close to call with Syriza ahead by a hair.

Speaking to euronews reporter Efi Kotsoukosta, Tsipras remained serene about the ballot saying,

“I’m sure that SYRIZA will come first at the elections and I believe that reaching the absolute majority is absolutely feasible. Even if this happens we will look for cooperation, if not, we have our programme, our plan and I believe that there will be political forces and people in the parliament that won’t be willing to risk a new round of elections. Therefore, I am sure that after the 20th of September, over the coming days, there will be a government which will proceed with the huge effort we started on the 25th of January”.

You can see the rest of the interview with Alexis Tsipras Tuesday 15th September from 20:40 CET only on euronews

Back in July a poll put Syriza ahead with 42%, prompting Tsipras to call early elections after a mutiny from hardliners in his party over third bailout deal. Both Syriza and New Democracy agree on the need to implement reforms, but disagree on who is best to qualified to do so.

With Syriza and New Democracy battling for the top spots, the far-right Golden Dawn looks set to come in third, with the Communist (KKE) party following behind.