Dust storm engulfs the Middle East

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By Euronews
Dust storm engulfs the Middle East

A heavy sand storm has hit many parts of the Middle East. Much of Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus in clouds of dust. At least eight people have died as a result of the storm.

Hundreds more have been hospitalised with breathing issues. People were warned to stay indoors.

“We are suffering a lot, in an abnormal way,” said a man. “We are taking precautions as best we can by wearing masks, facing the garbage everywhere and traffic jams. It is not normal.”

In Syria, fighting and airstrikes were disrupted as a thick blanket of dust filled the sky.

Summer dust storms are frequent across the Middle East but usually focus on Iraq and the Persian Gulf region where clouds of sand are whipped up from arid areas.

Israeli schools were instructed to keep physical activities indoors as the dust swept across the Middle East.

The dust was expected to start dissipating by Thursday. The elderly, young and pregnant have been warned not to exert themselves outside in the meantime.