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Migrants: angry scenes as hundreds stranded in Hungary

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By Euronews  with Euronews, Reuters, AFP
Migrants: angry scenes as hundreds stranded in Hungary

There are angry scenes in Budapest as hundreds of migrants congregate outside the main international train station.

They have been prevented from travelling on to Western Europe, primarily Germany.

A government spokesperson said Hungary is enforcing EU law requiring travellers within Europe to hold a valid passport and a Schengen visa.

There were reportedly scuffles with the security forces inside the station. “Look at my son,” said one woman, whose child’s head was bleeding. “look at my son, he got hit with a baton.”

Photos: Nora Shenouda

Posted by euronews on 2015. szeptember 1.

Hungary is primarily a transit country for migrants.

There are those who say this is about politics, not people.

“You say you care about human rights,” said one man, angrily waving his train ticket, “we need a little bit of human rights, we don’t need all out human rights, only a little bit, just security and basics”

“ We want to go to Germany, to let us to go to Germany,” said another, “the police caught us, there were no taxis, no trains to go on to Germany, why? We are humans.”

Temporary camps have appeared around the station, which was closed for a short time.

More than 140,000 have crossed the border from Serbia this year alone.

The question now is – where do they go?

Euronews Correspondent Andrea Hajagos is at Keleti Station: “The majority of these people are angry because they do not understand why they were allowed to pay a lot of money for their tickets, and then not be allowed to get on the trains.”