Vittorio Casamonica's mafia-style funeral raises eyebrows in Rome

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By Euronews
Vittorio Casamonica's mafia-style funeral raises eyebrows in Rome

Questions are bring asked about why a lavish funeral for Vittorio Casamonica, a purported Italian crime boss, was allowed through the streets of Rome

A brass band played music from “The Godfather” movie as a helicopter showered hundreds of mourners with red rose petals.

“This is our religion,” said Casamonica’s nephew
Marco Spinel. “This is how we organise our funerals. He wanted the horses, and we delivered the horses.”

Six horses, over 200 cars including a Rolls Royce and hundreds of people — for a man whose family has been accused of racketeering and extortion — with no controls.

Italian media reported family members under house arrest were authorised to take part in the ceremony.

“Five hundred people from the Casamonica family were there – who could have stopped them?,” asked Giancarlo Manieri, Don Bosco church parson. “If this was the boss, and he did all what you’re telling me, can I ask why was he not in prison?

Posters showing the so-called boss depicted as some kind of pope figure were displayed the night before .. along with this one which read, “You conquered Rome, now conquer the paradise.”

Few people in Rome believe the official line that authorities did not have advance notice of the funeral.

Either way, it’s a major scandal about their apparent inability to control Italy’s capital city.