Two arrested as Greece fires brought under control

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By Euronews
Two arrested as Greece fires brought under control

Forest fires which ravaged Greece on Friday are now under control, however, the damage they have wreaked on the crisis-striken country is taking its toll.

There are two reported fatalities while two men have been arrested, accused of accidentally starting the fire near Athens.

The aftermath has an even more bitter sting in Greece whose banks remain shut til Monday.

“We have no work and we have no money in the bank. If, for example, there’s a sum of 200 euro, we are limited to 50 euros withdrawal per day. I’m waiting for some help,” said Lakonia resident Georgios Dermatis.

In Lakonia, the timing of the fires couldn’t be worse for those counting on a seasonal boost in sales to help them to get by.

“I was counting on the summer season (for income),” explained bar owner
Evangelia Papadakou. “It’s the one month which we rely on in order to survive winter. Now there’s no hope. But local residents and people in the area, we are saying that we will fix it all together.”

A fire which started on Mount Hymettus forced many to flee their homes near Athens. For those returning to burnt out properties, the devastation was total.

“We are destroyed,” said one resident. “There is nothing left, animals, birds, everything. We have nothing here anymore. I do not have electricity, nor water. I don’t have anything.”

In total more than 80 fires threatened life and home on Friday across several districts.

The Interior Ministry warned that the fire risk remained high on Saturday due to high winds.