NSA: connecting people

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By Euronews
NSA: connecting people

Three French presidents with unsecured phones? Did the US National Security Agency (NSA) listen to the conversations of Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande? The latest American espionage stir fry by WikiLeaks set off diplomatic fireworks. What is the damage risk to France-US relations? Spanish TVE

‘We are not doing it any more’, is the message coming out of Washington. What sort of difference does it make to US intelligence-gathering, whether a country is an ally or not? Russian RTR

France is not the first to receive the attentions of the NSA. The name is still fresh, in many minds, of former NSA-operative-gone-rogue Edward Snowden, who lifted the lid on its practices in 2013. The case of Germany was not clear either. Swiss RTS

The most common question in the latest scandal has been why ‘friends’ have been spying on ‘friends’. The US ability to do so, however, has expanded to such an extent over the years that fewer people think about how they do it. France 2