Gunmen attack police station in Dallas, Texas

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By Euronews
Gunmen attack police station in Dallas, Texas

A group of up to four gunmen attacked a police station in Texas overnight, firing at officers.

A black van then rammed a police vehicle outside their Dallas headquarters.

Men from inside the armoured van began firing with automatic weapons before fleeing the scene.

A bomb was later discovered outside the building, which exploded when examined by a police robot. There are no reports of injuries.

Another video showed a police officer approaching the vehicle and then fleeing when he realised the threat. A large number of shots are subsequently heard.

Police pursued the vehicle, said to be armoured with firing holes cut into its sides.

When the van stopped in a fast food restaurant parking lot in the city of Hutchins there was an exchange of fire.

Dallas police chief David Brown said at a press conference that one of the suspects had identified himself to local residents as James Boulware.

He said police had taken his son and accused him of being a terrorist.

Gunmen attacked Dallas Police headquarters on Saturday (June 13) morning and an explosive device was later found outside the building.

A stand-off is continuing between the gunmen and police.

Video credits: madwho12 and germanito006