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Watch: France's Jean-Marie Le Pen clashes with UKIP MEP Woolfe

Watch: France's Jean-Marie Le Pen clashes with UKIP MEP Woolfe
By Euronews
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“Ils ne passeront pas!” or at least they won’t when Jean-Marie Le Pen is holding court in the corridors of the European Parliament.

Le Pen, founder of France’s far-right Front National party, was giving an interview to Euronews when a confrontation took place with UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe.

Woolfe, walking in the opposite direction, was seemingly annoyed at the throng of people surrounding Le Pen.

He pushed his way through the crowd in a manner which drew the attention of Le Pen, who shouted at Woolfe to take more care.

Woolfe, returning to explain his actions, was then blocked off by one of Le Pen’s security guards, who barked at him to ‘move away’.

While they may not like to admit it, both parties have rather a lot in common at the moment. UKIP and FN have been beset by bitter infighting at the very highest levels after failing to do as well as they had hoped for in recent elections.

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