North Korea executes defence minister for 'dozing off'

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By Euronews
North Korea executes defence minister for 'dozing off'

North Korea has executed its defence chief for treason according to South Korea’s spy agency. Leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the execution of 15 senior officials this year.

Hyon Yong-chol who was head of the country’s military is said to have shown his disloyalty to Kim by dozing off at a public event.

He was executed by firing squad – obliterated by an anti-aircraft gun – watched by hundreds of people, said South Korean media.

“Such a public and brutal method of execution would emphasis the cost of disloyalty.”

Analysts of the isolated county have observed that North Korean internal politics is very volatile at the moment. There is apparently little respect for Kim Jong-un within the core of the military.

The number of executions – almost one a week – appears to reveal a leader in Pyongyang who feels very insecure but is dangerous .