Chomsky - a rebel with a cause

Chomsky - a rebel with a cause
By Euronews
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He is 86 years old, a self proclaimed anarchist and a globally renowned social activist.

Noam Chomsky is arguably one the world’s leading intellectuals known for raging against a whole host of causes generally linked to the US establishment. He is currently Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. He has authored over a hundred books and can be sure to draw in huge crowds at his many public speaking events.

Chomsky is a vocal critic of US foreign policy branding his country a leading terrorist state. Though one might think he would approve of Barack Obama’s presidency – that could not be further from the truth. He slams Obama for the operation that led to Bin Laden’s killing by US special forces in 2011, arguing that it was wrought with huge risk to the international community: “The Bin Laden operation could have been the spark that set off a conflagration, with dire consequences.”

He derisively credits Obama with “quite an innovation” in the history of terrorism for his escalation of drone attacks. He says that if anything this strategy has only fuelled more terrorism and the creation of more jihadist organisations.

Climate change and the threat of nuclear attack are increasing preoccupations for Noam Chomsky who has warned that we are edging slowly over the edge of a precipice. The question is, will we pull back in time?

Chomsky is our next guest on The Global Conversation, he’ll be answering some of your questions so send yours now on Twitter with #AskChomsky.

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