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Tale of two Angolan refugees' survival in 1980's Lisbon

Tale of two Angolan refugees' survival in 1980's Lisbon
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Angolan film-maker Pocas Pascoal sought inspiration in her personal life for ‘All is Well’, a moving drama about two sisters in exile.

Alda and Maria flee civil war in Angola in the 1980’s and arrive in Lisbon. They live in a guest house, waiting for their mother to join them. But time goes by and their mother doesn’t turn up. The two young girls will have to survive alone, without any money or ID papers.

More than just a portrait of the poverty and fear that make up everyday life for many illegal immigrants, the film also tells the story of two sisters who join forces in order to overcome hardship, until the day each of them makes her own life choices.

The film addresses the question of decolonisation in a subtle, straightforward manner, without falling into clichés.

The strength of this Anglo-Portuguese production lies in the successful combination between tale and documentary.

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