Charlie Hebdo sells out within minutes; more copies scheduled for release

Charlie Hebdo sells out within minutes; more copies scheduled for release
By Sarah Taylor
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The first edition of Charlie Hebdo to be released since the fatal shootings has sold out within minutes.

People queued outside newsagents’ across France to buy the latest edition of the satirical magazine, a week after the deadly attack.

In Paris, Jean was one of the lucky few who succeeded in obtaining a copy.

“When I left home this morning I was almost sure I wouldn’t be able to get one,” he said. “So, it’s not a miracle, but almost. I know they’ll be selling them all week, so no panic. There will be millions of copies on sale, so everybody will get one.”

Interest in and support for Charlie Hebdo have peaked since the shootings at the Charlie Hebdo offices.

People who had never before bought the controversial weekly magazine found themselves queuing for a copy in the early hours of Wednesday morning (January 14).

Claude Durand was among them.

“It was important for me to buy it,” he explained. “Firstly so that I can discover Charlie Hebdo – and maybe this will inspire me to buy it in the future – but also given the situation at the moment I think all French people will be buying Charlie Hebdo.”

Mustapha Korachi was initially unable to get hold of a copy.

“I’m retired, but I woke up exceptionally early to come and get a copy of Charlie Hebdo. I don’t have one and I’m disappointed,” he said. “So I’m going to take my car and I’ll get one from somewhere else.”

Three million copies of what’s being labelled “the survivors’ edition” were scheduled to be printed on staggered release, with one million on sale on Wednesday.

“Yes, I’ve got a coveted copy! I wanted to have it, because freedom of expression is important, because what happened is unacceptable, because my heart breaks for those who died…” said one woman.

The magazine’s distributor has since announced the figure will be bumped up to five million, to meet surging demands.

Its print run is usually 60,000.

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