Castro's communism pledge as Cuban-Americans protest in Miami

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By Euronews
Castro's communism pledge as Cuban-Americans protest in Miami

Hundreds of Cuban-Americans took to the streets of Miami on Saturday to protest against US President Barack Obama’s plans to restore relations with Havana.

Washington has said the historic end of over fifty years of hostilities between the two countries would not bring quick changes but ultimately would lead to greater freedom in Cuba.

“I think that what is happening is nothing but this administration surrendering to prevent democracy reaching Cuba. It’s making concessions for a dictatorship that is not willing to make changes,” explained protester Ninoska Perez Castellón.

Meanwhile in Havana, Cuban president Raul Castro welcomed Washington’s move to normalise relations, which allows both countries to discuss matters on equal terms. However, he also warned that the US must respect communist rule in Cuba.

“No one should think that in order to improve relations with the United States, Cuba should renounce the ideas for which it has fought for over a century,” said Raul Castro.

The Cuban president also confirmed the country would attend the Summit of the Americas in Panama next April, where for the first time in more than fifty years a Cuban president will sit at the same round table as a president of the US.