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Haiti on the brink of political chaos as protesters call for the president to quit

Haiti on the brink of political chaos as protesters call for the president to quit
By Euronews
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Haitians clash with police as the president scrambles to find a consensus candidate to act as interim prime minister


The people of Haiti have extended their demands to calling on the president to quit following the weekend resignation of the prime minister.

Several thousand protesters marched on the capital Port-au-Prance on Tuesday, hurling stones at police who responded with tear gas.

“We want a new country, a country in which the wealth is better distributed, where 95 percent of the people are not living in misery while five percent are controlling all the wealth,” said a spokesperson for the protesters.

Haiti is still recovering from an earthquake five years ago with little rebuilding achieved since then by the government which demonstrators accuse of corruption.

President Michel Martelly is now coming under fire as he tries to find an interim replacement for the former premier Laurent Lamothe .

His resignation was recomended by a special commission set up to resolve a long-running dispute over delayed elections.

According to the commission elections must be held by January 12 otherwise parliament will shut down, leaving the country without a functioning government until presidential elections in last 2015.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged all sides to find a consensus solution to the political crisis warning that impoverished Haiti was on the brink of political chaos once more.

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