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Thousands march on Washington to condemn police violence and call for justice for all

Thousands march on Washington to condemn police violence and call for justice for all
By Robert Hackwill
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The wave of protests sweeping America against perceived police violence and racial bias show no sign of slackening off.

More than 10,000 people marched into Washington on Saturday to raise awareness about the fatal shootings of unarmed young men, and call for legislation to tackle the problem.

“We’re here from all across the country to stand with the families who have lost innocent loved ones to violence and brutality. We’re here to call on the United States government to do it’s ordained duty, and enforce the Constitution for every American, every black, white, yellow and red one of us,” said the Northeast Regional Director of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Kirsten John Foy.

Protesters say they are tired of waiting for police attitudes towards minorities to change, and want new laws controlling them.

“I feel like this country is under siege. You got people being shot in the street, unarmed, there is no reason for that,” said one young man.

“Everyone should have the same opportunities in this country. Right now, they don’t. If you are born black or brown, you don’t have the same opportunities as whites in America,” said a middle-aged white man.

Not everyone places all the blame on the police, but most feel that unarmed suspects should not be killed when arrested.

“We are witnessing an America that is angry, an America that is in pain. People feel that things are stacked against them. They want a criminal justice system that is color-blind but they feel that they still have a very long way to go,” reports euronews’ Stefan Grobe.

Reaction from some prominent African-Americans has varied. Comedian Chris Rock, for example, posted this , while from the top of America’s African elite came this reaction. Bearing in mind the latter families wealth, likely zip code and entourage, his precautions say a lot.

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