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Egyptians divided over Mubarak verdict

Egyptians divided over Mubarak verdict
By Euronews
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Relatives of protesters who died in the 2011 uprising in Egypt have reacted with fury over a court’s decision on Saturday to drop charges against the deposed former President Hosni Mubarak. The cases against the interior minister and six other government aides were also dropped.

Outside the court Mubarak opponents collapsed in anger and grief at the court’s decision.

“This is unjust”, screamed Samir Marai who was injured in the uprising. “We don’t deserve this from the Egyptian judiciary. We don’t deserve such a verdict after waiting for four years.”

“It was wrong of us that we took to the streets…we shouldn’t have protested, nor should we have demanded our rights because now they are saying that we are wrong and they are being acquitted. They are innocent? Who killed the martyrs? I want to know”, said Cairo resident Nermine Fathy.

But not everyone in Egypt is outraged. The fact is the former president has his supporters and they too were outside the court, celebrating.

“Thanks to God for this justice”, said Yasser Mohamed, “Mubarak has how regained his rights. Egypt has now got over the January 25th conspiracy”.

“Hats off to the judiciary and congratulations to President Mubarak after suffering for years”, added one woman. “Thank God he is victorious and thank God the truth is revealed. Now we would like him to be honoured”.

In a telephone interview to a TV station the former president insisted he had done nothing wrong.

But despite this court’s decision, 86 year-old Mubarak remains behind bars, serving a three year sentence for a separate offence of embezzlement.

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