Turkish President sparks row by saying women are not equal to men

Turkish President sparks row by saying women are not equal to men
By Euronews
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The Turkish President has triggered fresh controversy, declaring in a speech that women are not equal to men.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan also criticised the feminist movement, claiming they do not accept or understand the concept of motherhood.

He spoke at a global justice and women’s summit in Istanbul.

An English translation of his speech at the event said: “You cannot make an equality between men and women; they are not equal. They are of a different nature. Their system is different.

“You cannot make women work in all the jobs where men are working, as it was the case in the communist regime.”

One prominent Turkish women’s rights activist has slammed the comments as against the constitution and the law.

Erdogan has previously angered women’s rights groups by stating that women should bear at least three children and by attempting to outlaw abortion.

Earlier this month he raised eyebrows by declaring that Muslims had discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus.

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