Marianne Faithfull: 'My ex-boyfriend killed Jim Morrison'

Marianne Faithfull: 'My ex-boyfriend killed Jim Morrison'
By Euronews
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British singer Marianne Faithfull has said she knows who was responsible for the death of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

Morrison died of a drug dose at the age of 27 in 1971.

In an interview with British music magazine Mojo, the 67-year-old claims that her boyfriend at the time, drug dealer Jean de Breteuil provided the deadly dose of drugs.

The couple had travelled to Paris and de Breteuil said he was going to visit Morrison at his appartment.

Faithfull says she had a sense of foreboding and decided to stay in their hotel. She told Mojo:

“I could intuitively feel trouble. I thought, I’ll take a few Tuinal and I won’t be there. And he went to see Jim Morrison and killed him. I mean I’m sure it was an accident. Poor bastard. The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died. And I didn’t know anything about this. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of this poor guy is dead now. Except me.”

An autopsy was never performed on Morrison, so the exact cause of his death has always been disputed.

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