Tsipras: Juncker should be first to seek majority for EC Presidency​

Tsipras: Juncker should be first to seek majority for EC Presidency​
By Euronews
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Alexis Tsipras has announced he will support Jean Claude Juncker to seek majority for the EC Presidency.

According to a statement from Tsipras, the candidate for the European Left said that despite their political differences, he recognises that Mr Juncker won the election.

«During the campaign, I stood as the candidate of the European Left. I stood in vigorous disagreement with the policies of the European People’s Party and of their candidate, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker. Those disagreements stand, and they will stand» Tsipras said, stressing that «The European People’s Party, nevertheless, won the election. Therefore, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, should be the first to attempt to form the required majority, starting negotiations with the other political groups».

Besides, he once again added that the European Council should not choose another candidate who did not run in the recent election.

«According to the Treaty on European Union, the European Parliament has the right to approve, and therefore the right to disapprove, the nominee presented to it for the Presidency of the European Commission by the European Council.

During the recent campaign, the citizens of Europe were asked to express their choice among five candidates, each of them selected by the major European parties. As candidates we campaigned, debated, and sought the votes of European citizens» said Tsipras.

Tsipras sent his own message referring to the ongoing negotiations between the heads of states and governments.

«It is my position that the European Council should not nominate any candidate for the Presidency of the Commission, who did not compete in this election.

It is my position that the European Parliament should not approve any candidate who did not compete in this election. The presentation of any other nominee would have as its effect to discredit the entire recent election, turning it, after the fact, into a charade.

This is a basic democratic principle. It is a moral obligation of the European Council to put forward the candidate who secured the leading position in the European election».

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