Icy roads cause massive pile-ups in US

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By Euronews
Icy roads cause massive pile-ups in US

A dangerous blend of ice, snow and glaring sunshine has reportedly caused several accidents along a crowded stretch of motorway in Pennsylvania.

As many as one hundred vehicles, including several overturned cars and a jackknifed truck, were involved in the pile-ups, according to NBC.

It is believed the accident occured when three cars hit the back-end of a large vehicle that was clearing snow on the road. Local media said several motorists were hospitalised during the incident but no fatalities were reported.

Aerial footage shows the chain-reaction of accidents on February 14 that left hundreds of cars stuck on the road in freezing conditions.

A huge snow storm in the north-east of the US has caused whole cities to grind to a standstill. Elsewhere in the country at least 13 people were killed in icy storms that gripped the south-eastern states.