Making money central to the learning experience

Making money central to the learning experience
By Euronews

In this edition of Learning World we see how three approaches are making the daily handling of money and financial affairs a core subject in schools.

In Britain we discover how one college in Bournemouth is using something called the 'Tenner Challenge' to show pupils how to turn a profit and do something useful, too.

In Thailand we see one way the nation is tackling the fallout from the financial crisis, by setting up student banks in schools and teaching the young to save.

Find out more details about the Student Bank Project on the Plan Thailand and WISE websites.

Finally, we meet an inspirational financial educator and author, Alvin Hall. From poverty in southern Florida he made his way through Yale and now lives on New York’s Madison Avenue. Today he teaches others how to be as successful as him.

Check out his website here.

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