What's another year?

What's another year?
By Euronews
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A humiliating and demoralising setback or a second chance at success; the debate over children repeating a year in school is complicated and emotive, with no clear conclusion.

That is the subject under scrutiny in this edition of Learning World, in the company of presenter Maha Barada.

We have three stories. The first is on efforts in Uruguay to address the country’s extremely high year-repetition rate. The second looks at the debate in Hungary where repeating the year has just been re-introduced, 10 years after the practice was ended by education authorities. In the final story we hear from two experts, one in Thailand the other in France, for their perspectives on the question ‘to repeat or not to repeat’.

As always, we want to hear from you, the viewers and readers. So please visit our social media pages and give your thoughts on this deeply divisive issue.

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