Your ideas about legalisation

Your ideas about legalisation
By Euronews
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"If you can not beat it...Join It! Like prostitution, whether you like it or not, it will be there, so better to legalize and control!"...


Here are some of the reactions you shared with us…

“Legalize, control and tax like alcohol.”

Deutscher Hanfverband (DHV): “We are the German Hemp Association, the biggest Lobbying Group for Legalisation of Cannabis in Germany.We believe that legalizing and controling cannabis is definitly the better choice and there are tons of arguments for it – way too many for one facebook comment.”

“I don’t want cannabis to be legalised cos after it is legalised there will be young show-offs who’ll think they’re so strong because they smoke. And the young people will smoke more so they’ll less pay attention in class and end up dumber and easy to manipulate for the governement.”

“If you can not beat it…Join It! Like prostitution, whether you like it or not, it will be there, so better to legalize and control!”
“It’s a natural product – unlike alcohol which has to be manufactured. If people choose to grow it and use it for recreational use or pain relief, then that shouldn’t be illegal. Neither governments nor criminals ( sometimes indistinguishable) should benefit from it. There are many natural poisons which can be grown, are capable of killing people and MJ isn’t one of them. Alcohol kills or damages many people every year. MJ does not. Classifying it as illegal wastes police resources that could be utilised chasing real criminals . Legalise it and treat adults as adults.”

“SO, just because governments are having trouble controlling it, they want to legalise it? Be careful that a ripple effect won’t initiate towards the abuse of other illegal substances. It’s bad enough that we need to contend with other harmful (whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or socially) products, why not throw canabis in the mix as well! Totally against it!”

“Legalize! we have bigger things to worry about…like human trafficking and organized crime just to name a few”

“death penalty. like our chinese friends do.”

“The state should have a monopoly on the production and sale of marijuana. Obviously, the drug will be pure, without toxic additional ingridients plus the money goes to the state as a tax. However, for strong drugs they should tighten the law.”

“the cannabis-question is a question of democracy and freedom. its for me an indicator of working democracy. it has no positiv use to criminalise it. it does not lead to less consumers. they push a quite big group of our society (all drug customers) into illigality. but these group of people has not the feeling of having done sth bad. so i think drug use has to be a health care problem and not a criminal problem.”

“In my country the legalization of pot is meaningless as the main drug in the streets is cocaine. So I don’t think this will do much for lowering crime in any country.”

“Why not? We need tax dollars and banning hasn’t worked. Perhaps legalizing and EDUCATION may make the difference.”

“I’m not sure whether there are any good reasons left to continue strict abstinence policies. They do not work, they create a lot more problems than they solve, and there are a lot of good examples where decriminalization of various drugs (especially cannabis) have created a lot better results than this “war on drugs”.

“Toleration of soft drugs making it harder to get hold of hard drugs. The coffeeshops where I live (Haarlem) all have rather prominent signs that say “Anyone caught dealing hard drugs will have their legs broken”.

But I think that ultimately legalisation is the route to go down rather than simple decriminalisation. Coffeeshops pay taxes here in NL, but not actually on the cannabis that they sell. Legalise and tax, I say. A recent article said that if the UK legalised cannabis there would be a potential £1.25bn extra flowing into the Treasury. Given the state of public finances, why isn’t cannabis being legalised as a priority? Then perhaps the Tories wouldn’t have to be so harsh in their cuts towards services that the vulnerable depend on… “

“I have a 2 layered opinion. I think we need to understand that there is a difference between soft use and hard use of cannabis, alcohol, and some other low addictive stuff for that matter. Other substances like cocaine, heroine, XTC, speed, meth are by default harmful because even if you consume only once a single shot you can get addicted. The whole picture of drugs is much more complicated then just “drugs are bad and should be banned”. The kids hear when growing up that drugs(soft and hard drugs) are bad and will destroy you, then on a party with friends they try a marijuana cigaret and enjoy the effects. Because of that, they might think that all drugs are not that bad. Later they by change get in contact with hard drugs like meth, once they use that, they get really hooked on that stuff.
Secondly I think if you legalize and regulate it, the people who use it will at least not snif, smoke or inject crap that mad drug dealers mix in to it to make more money. Also by foreseeing drug houses, where they can use in a controlled environment they will cause less harm to society then on the corner of the street. There is always a set of people in society that will use it, you can not get rid of it. It’s an intrinsic characteristic of society.”

“The war on drugs but is never gonna be won so i think all drugs should be legalized in small quantities. When something is legal it loses alot of appeal and then it can be taxed to pay for rehab and the damage it has on health.”


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